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Farm Scene in Manitoba
Ranching in Western Canada
with the inscription “Bulman Bros & Co Winnipeg”

This postcard, with a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp postmarked March 4, 1900, has been sent to Nancy, France, and has a French receiving cancel. The card shows two views, “Farm Scene in Manitoba” and “Ranching in Western Canada”.

Below, reverse of card with Winnipeg duplex postmark dated March 4, 1900 and French receiver on a Private Mailing Card back (not the difference in back compared to the next card).

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Canadian Dog Train and Remains of Old Fort Garry
Main Street Winnipeg Looking South from City Hall
Bullman Bros. & Co. Winnipeg

Note the use of 2 “Ls” in the spelling of Bullman.

Below, the reverse of the card, showing a Private Mailing Card back.

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One of my most sought after cards from Bulman Bros. is a card showing an image of Major Harry Arnold, Captain, Western Company, Canadian Contingent, from the Boer War, together with a vignette of the streets of Winnipeg thronging with people seeing off the “Transvaal Contingent” in their farewell to Manitoba.

While I’ve seen the card for sale, I haven’t been successful in acquiring it. An image of the card from an eBay auction is shown at right.

You can see more postcards by Bulman Bros. & Co. in the Peel’s Prairie Postcards Collection, an image archive of over 15,000 postcards dating back to the turn of the 19th century held at the University of Alberta.
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