Patriotic Postcards

MacFarlane is best know for his prolific patriotic series of postcards, which form the majority of what I have shown here.

Some of these series are common, while others are quite scarce. As part of his book, Mike Smith provides guidance as to the value category each series usually commands

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No. 192 Two Blackfoot Warriors, Canadian Northwest

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No. 26 Volunteers’ Monument, Halifax, N.S.

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No. 802 Group Cowboys, Canadian Northwest

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No. 135 Yonge Street, Toronto

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New Academy, Truro, N.S.

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942 Boating Scenes Toronto

Note that at least one of the images on this card was taken by Toronto’s Galbraith Photo Co., as shown in the enlarged detail below.

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No. 122 Dominion Square and Windsor Hotel, Montreal

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No. 139 Chateau Frontenac, Quebec.

Posted to Holland in 1904 with a 2¢ Small Queen stamp. Below, the reverse of the card.

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854 Laval University, Montreal

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Skagway, Alaska

Below, the reverse of the card.

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Flag Ship pf the Fleet
Ready for her first trip to Dawson

Postally used March 27, 1904

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112 The Famous Big Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

Mailed to Tangier, Morocco, July 20, 1904

Click on the image above to see more in this series.

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71. Main Street, Winnipeg
Mailed to England, October 9, 1905

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Strathcona Block, Winnipeg, Man.
Mailed from Makinak, Manitoba October 25, 1905
to Paisley, Ontario.

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No. 188 At Island Park, Toronto

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No. 185 King Edward Hotel, Toronto

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No. 126 Maisonneuve Monument, Montreal

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No. 893 Rockwood Park, St. John

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No. 24 Entrance to the Citadel, Halifax N.S.

Below, the reverse of the card postally used July 30, 1904
to Miss M. Newcombe, c/o Sergt. J. Newcombe
Royal Engineers
Propsect, Bermuda.

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811 Chinese Joss House, Victoria, BC

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825 Salmon Running in the Fraser River

Postally used October 15, 1904 to New Zealand

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Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alta.

Click on the card above to be taken to a Series 17 page.

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74. Manitoba Parliament Buildings, Winnipeg
postally used to Forget, ASSA September 21, 1905
with a Forget ASSA split ring receiving cancel

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Central and Separate School
Bishop Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ont.

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No. 233. Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Hamilton, Ont.

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No. 946 Know College, Toronto

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854 Laval University, Montreal

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No. 141 St. Louis Gate, Quebec

Below, another example mailed to Tunisia, February 17, 1905, with postage due.

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No. 915. City Hall, Halifax, N.S.
overprinted with advertising for G.A. Burbidge, Optician

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No. 27 Legislative Building, Halifax, N.S.

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The Prince’s Lodge, Halifax, N.S.
Postally used to Switzerland July 6, 1902

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Winter Scene, Point Pleasant Park
C.H. Ruggles & Co. Barrington St. Halifax, N.S.
Mike Smith notes that this may not be a MacFarlane series.

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The Albert College, Belleville

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Above & below, Upper Canada College

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The Hospice, Niagara Falls

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Other Postcards

While Mike Smith enumerates 80 different series of postcards in his book, as well as MacFarlane view cards, I have collected only a small percentage of what MacFarlane published. Some of the other, non-patriotic cards are shown below.

The earliest MacFarlane card Mike Smith has come across is postally used on July 16,1902. My own earliest MacFarlane card is postmarked Sydney, NS July 22, 1902, mailed to the USA. If you know of earlier dates, please let me know.

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Pull-Out Multi-Views

I find this is a particularly interesting series; click the card image to be taken to further cards in this series.

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This series contains 2 motifs, portraits in a horseshoe, and portraits in a square frame.

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Cape Blomidon, near Wolfville, N.S.

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There are a wide range of view cards published by MacFarlane. My own interest is in the first series, which bears the early back design shown below.

For additional cards in this series, click on the image above.
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